Protect Our Farms

Coming This Week: 
Protect Our Farms
Agricultural Land Reserve is under threat again.
Town Hall Meetings are happening around the island.
University of Victoria, Hickman Rm 105, Tuesday Feb 4 @ 7pm,
Cowichan Valley, Duncan United Church, 246  Ingram St. , Wed Feb 5 @ 7 pm
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Family Day Rally Pitch Forks to Forks

Monday Feb 10th
Family Day Rally Pitch Forks to Forks
to save the Agricultural Land Reserve
12:00 noon
BC Legislature Grounds


GMO - You Have a Right to Know What you are Feeding your Family.


Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's - Full Movie


Planting out our tomatoes

After 7 weeks of cultivating tomato seedlings and potting them up into two different stages, we felt like the time was right to get them into the ground. It has been an unseasonably mild spring with more sunshine than usual so we decided to get an early jump on the season.
After a few weeks of dry weather we had our first rainfall over night so I did a final tilling this morning and the added moisture made for a nice consistency and texture of the soil. We planted the indeterminates inside the walk-in tunnel frame and plan to grow the bush varieties outside the frame. The determinates are all extra early so we hope to have harvested them well before the fall. If the weather fails to cooperate we can always cover the lower growing bush tomatoes with our low tunnels ( 6' wide by 3' high).





Thank you to the Compost Education Centre

Thank you to the Compost Education Centre for organizing another successful plant sale this year. The rain held off and the warm, dry weather prevailed. We sold out of virtually all our 200 1 gallon tomato plants. A big thank you to the community and all of you who purchased our tomatoes and veggie starts. Have a great growing season and keep us posted with your tomato growing experiences.


Annual organic plant sale

Annual Organic Plant Sale May 11th 10am-2pm!

Purchase organic veggie, medicinal, ornamental and herb plant starts at our annual sale. Enjoy live music, organic goodies and the awesome community atmosphere that is always present!
Held at the
Compost Education Centre 1216 North Park Street

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Video of the Month

Salmon Confidential from Twyla Roscovich on Vimeo.

Salmon Confidential

2013 Tomato Availabilty List

Tomato Availability List 2013

Storing potatoes

To identify the perfect home storage location in your house, first answer three questions: What kind of potatoes are they? How long do you intend to store them? How do you intend to cook the potatoes—will you bake, fry, or boil them? Your answers will help you decide where to store potatoes at home.

Overall Recommendations:
Ideal conditions are ventilated, cool temperatures, high humidity and no light.

Avoid exposure to light to prevent greening.

Store away from light in an unheated (42- 55°F) room, closet or cabinet in your home or garage.

Store in a perforated plastic bag to increase humidity and decrease water loss. Or use a small container of water to increase humidity (we use burlap bags)

Do not tightly seal the bag. The goal is to provide fresh air and to minimize carbon dioxide levels and disease development potential.

Do not wash harvested garden potatoes prior to storage.